PDO Threads In Chesterfield, MO

Looking for a way to reverse the signs of aging? PDO thread lifts are a popular and effective treatment to help improve the appearance of your skin. At
Synergi Medspa in Chesterfield, MO, our team of experienced professionals offers PDO thread lifts to patients looking for a minimally-invasive way to achieve smoother, more youthful skin.

What is a PDO Thread Lift?

During a PDO thread lift, small, dissolvable threads made from polydioxanone (PDO) are inserted into the skin. These threads help to lift and tighten the skin, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance. PDO threads lift and rejuvenate the skin. They are often used to treat the face, neck, and brow area and treat a variety of concerns, such as sagging skin, wrinkles, and lack of definition in the jawline

What Should I Expect During a PDO Thread Lift Procedure?

This lift is a minimally-invasive alternative to a traditional facelift, and it can provide similar results with less downtime. Plus, PDO thread lifts are typically performed under local anesthesia, so you won't need to worry about any sedation.

If you're considering a PDO thread lift, you may wonder what the procedure entails. Here's a quick overview of the PDO thread lift from start to finish:

  • First, we will clean and numb the area to be treated.
  • Then we insert fine threads made of polydioxanone (PDO) into your skin using a needle or cannula.
  • Once the threads are in place, your doctor will use a special device to pull and reposition the threads lifting the skin on your face for the desired effect.
  • Finally, we will cut the excess threads and apply a bandage.

Once in place, the threads also stimulate collagen production, which can further improve your results.

How Long Does a PDO Thread Lift Last?

You should be able to see results immediately after your PDO thread lift. However, the full effects of your treatment will become apparent over the next few weeks as your skin adjusts to the new threads. Results typically last around 6 to 12 months. However, some people may experience longer-lasting results. Factors that can affect how long your PDO thread lift lasts include your age, skin type, and skincare routine.

How Much Does PDO Threading Cost?

PDO threading is an affordable and safe alternative to surgery. Cost varies according to the areas treated and how many threads are used. We will create an individualized treatment plan taking into account your specific needs and goals during your personal consultation.

Where Can I Get a PDO Thread Lift Near Me?

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