June News & Specials

01. Tighter, firmer skin is here!

You’ve heard us sing the praises of Sofwave for a while now, but did you can use it on the body! IT’S TRUE! No matter your problem area, arms, knees, wherever crepey skin is ruining your day, we can help it! In June when you combine Sofwave (full area) and at least 1 vial of Sculptra, we will send you home with a FULL SIZE Alastin Transform Body ($216 value) to boost your results even more. You can choose to treat your body or your face/neck- totally your call. You don’t have to live with crepey skin- let us help you restore your confidence!

02. Are you wanting to give yourself the most incredible glow of your life?

PRF is incredible. Sculptra is a game changer. BBL? The best. COMBINE THEM? You will have the most supple, plump, and glowing skin of your life! This month if you purchase a package of all 3 treatments, we will give you our Age Reverse System ($180 value) to keep you glowing long past your treatments.

03. Acne is the worst- this Pick 3 is the BEST!

June is Acne Awareness Month, and boy oh boy do we love our acne clients! Ance is one of the most rewarding ailments we help our clients with- their entire life and outlook changes with clear skin! Ready to get some help with yours? In June when you pick 3 of our most loved acne services, we will send you home with our incredible Acne Control System ($126 value) to help you fight breakouts outside of our office! You can choose from:

Not sure where to start? Come in for a consultation with one of our incredible estheticians to create a treatment plan. It’s completely complementary and will give you a roadmap to follow to clear skin!