July News & Specials

01. CoolSculpting Consult Day!

Mark your calendars and call us ASAP! July 24th is going to be a fun CoolSculpting Consult Day! Come get evaluated for treatment, enjoy some snacks, and lock in crazy good deals when you book your body contouring session(s)! We only have 7 spots available, so call as soon as you can to book yours!

02. Want gorgeous brows all the time?

Doing your eyebrows every day is such a hassle… why not try microblading for semi-permanent and FABULOUS results! When you come in for a consultation in July, we will give you $50 off your service when you’re treated by September 30th. 

03. Summer-Safe laser!

What do wrinkles, acne scarring, and sun damage have in common? They all can be treated year round with Moxi! Moxi is one of those holy grail summer safe lasers that we oh-so-love so much! Literally EVERYONE can benefit from one, and its quick, easy, and pretty comfortable. 

Right now when you combine a Moxi and a Hydrafacial with JLOs booster, we will give you 15% off of everything! This combo will have you absolutely GLOWING and feeling fabulous. We’ve only got a handful of these available, so book ASAP!

04. Want clear skin?

There’s another REALLY great tool for acne treatment we’ve got in our back pocket! Introducing BBL Clear… it’s a great series based treatment for the kiddos home from college, or even all types of acne on adults. It’s safe to use all over the body, so no matter where you’re having issues, we can help! Ance is one of our favorite ailments to treat, so don’t feel like you have to suffer through it alone- clear skin is just a call away!

05. Product of the Month

This month is a GOOD one! In honor of Skin Medica’s 25th anniversary, everyone’s fave TNS Advanced Serum will be 25% off all month! It will leave you fine line and wrinkle free, reduces saggy skin, and best of all, it starts working in just two weeks!