January News & Specials

01. Skincare Partners for LIFE!

At Synergi, we want to be your skincare partner for LIFE! And we mean it…so much so it’s included in our mission statement! 

If you have been dabbling with one or two treatments with us, we want to invite you to schedule a consultation to develop a treatment plan. We will have a conversation about your skincare routine, concerns, and budget. From there we will develop a 12 month plan of action to help address it all! Your treatment plan could simply look like new products to replace your drug-store bought ones, or it could include injectables, lasers, and a complete overhaul! Everyone’s plans will look completely different and custom to their needs. In January, we will also give you 20% off of skincare products when you create a long term treatment plan.

02. Tis’ the season to be FREEZIN!

CoolSculpting is the perfect way to target fat loss to specific areas (something dieting and injections can’t do!), and January is the perfect time to get started! We even have a great offer for you this month! Right now when you 8 treatments, we will give you 2 for free. We only have 10 of these offers though, so call fast to get your consultation on the books!

03. The BEST time of the year for Active FX

Planning on hibernating for a bit this winter? Now would be the perfect time for the Active FX you’ve been putting off. This gold standard treatment works WONDERS on fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, pigment issues. There is some downtime involved, which makes the cold, icky months the perfect time to do! Let’s be serious- you’re not wanting to leave your house anyways…

04. BOGO Synergi Skincare

Needing to stock up on some Synergi Skincare products? Our favorite line is Buy 1 – Get 1 50% off this month, which means you get to stock up on your favorite necessities! Not sure what to grab? Just ask! One of our spa coordinators would be happy to help you find some products you love, or you can set up a consultation to discuss with a provider!

05. Alyssa is coming back soon!

Alyssa has been soaking up all of the baby cuddles on her maternity leave, and is almost ready to get back to the office! Her first day back and seeing patients will be January 23rd! We expect her to VERY busy for the first month or two seeing clients that have been anxiously waiting to see her, so if you are wanting to get in with her soon, you’ll need to book soon!

06. 50% off ColoreScience Sunscreen

Is ColoreScience on your favorites list? We’re sad to be the bearer of bad news, but we will no longer be carrying this line. We have a decent amount of products left that will be 50% off until they’re gone.