January 2023 News & Specials

01. Skincare Partners for LIFE!

At Synergi, we want to be your skincare partner for LIFE! And we mean it…so much so it’s included in our mission statement! 

If you have been dabbling with one or two treatments with us, we want to invite you to schedule a consultation to develop a treatment plan. We will have a conversation about your skincare routine, concerns, and budget. From there we will develop a 12 month plan of action to help address it all! Your treatment plan could simply look like new products to replace your drug-store bought ones, or it could include injectables, lasers, and a complete overhaul! Everyone’s plans will look completely different and custom to their needs.

02. Start EmSculpt NEO NOW!

They say bodies are built in the off season, and that is no exception when you’re getting a little help from us! Our EmSculpt NEO is an insanely cool device that can build your arms, booty, thighs, and so much more. In a 30 minute session, you will do the equivalent of 20,000 crunches, but you won’t be sore afterwards! Isn’t that awesome?!?

Come in for ANY spa service in January and you can get a session with the EmSculpt NEO for only $375 ($625 savings!). We think you’ll be hooked and coming back for more afterwards!

03. ‘Tis The Season To Be Freezin!

Our biggest savings on CoolSculpting of the year is happening NOW! If you have been putting off getting your treatment done, or you had fabulous results already and want other areas treated, there will not be a better time to do it (or place… did you know we have a CoolSculpting National Trainer on staff?!?)!

Set up consultation between now and the end of the month and you’ll be locked into the following promo pricing:

-8+ cycles: over $1,000 in savings including a travel sized Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment!

-12+ cycles: over $2,000 in savings, including a full sized Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment!

All clients that book treatment will be eligible to win their prescribed treatment for FREE!!!!! Holy can you imagine?!?

Give our office a call at (636) 530-6100 or click below to schedule your appointment before your offer expires!

04. Time to start your Skin Brightening Kit

If you have been holding off on starting your skin brightening kit for the year, NOW IS THE TIME! This perfectly curated set of products to get your skin tone evening and glowing for the upcoming year, but you do need to be careful about what time of year you use it if you’re a fan of the sun! 
We are also giving away one of these FABULOUS kits on our Instagram this month, so be sure to follow us!

05. Bring a friend month

January is bring a friend month, which means we would love to meet your bestie! If you have a friend that has been asking you a million questions about the services you get at our office, now is the perfect time for them to observe your consultation and treatment! They will get a firsthand experience in our office with you as their emotional support buddy, and if they end up getting services done with us, you’ll get a referral bonus added to your account! Win win, am I right?!?