November 2022 News & Specials

Black Friday-Cyber Monday Gift Card Sale

Our annual Black Friday-Cyber Monday Gift Card Sale is coming up! This is a great way to save on the services you have planned for 2023. Gift cards will be marked down to:

🖤$10,000 gift card on sale for $7,500

🖤$5,000 gift card on sale for $3,875

🖤$3,000 gift card on sale for $2,425

🖤$2,000 gift card on sale for $1,660

🖤$1,000 gift card on sale for $850

🖤$500 gift card on sale for $435

As a bonus, gift cards $2,000+ will also come with 20% off ALL retail purchases until the balance of your card has been used up (or 12/31/23, whichever comes first)!

If you’re wanting to save on services in 2023, you won’t beat these deals!

Wild Turkey Wednesday

Wild Turkey Wednesday is on November 23rd, and ALL of our retail products will be marked down 30%! This is our BEST retail sale of the year, so you will not want to miss this one. Clients are welcome to stop in to choose their products, and we will also do our best to take as many phone orders as possible (your patience is appreciated at this is a VERY BUSY day for us!). As a reminder, this sale applies to in-stock items only, and once we are out of something, we’re out. Shop early to save on the products you’re really wanting!

Botox Day

Botox Day is November 16th, and double points in Alle will be from November 16-30. Here is your to-do list to get ready for the big event:
💙Join Allē now, or verify that you have an account and your correct login information
💙Call NOW to schedule an appointment for November 16-30 to earn double points (if you aren’t quite due, you CAN add an additional area) on Botox injections. You can also click here to book online!
💙SAVE THE DATE of November 16th at 11am for Buy 1 Get 1 Free Gift Cards in Allē! These sell out FAST every year!

This is a BIG deal every year, but we ask you for your patience ahead of time! This is an Allergan promotion, and we will absolutely do our best to help you get the most bang for your buck in whatever ways possible, but please keep in mind that we are doing our best!


Sofwave Ultrasound Therapy is FDA-cleared to lift the eyebrow, lift lax skin of the submental tissue and lax skin of the neck tissue; as well as improve facial lines and wrinkles of the face. It’s a fabulous option for clients that are wanting to get rid of their “turkey necks” but aren’t quite ready for a surgical lift. Right now we are offering introductory pricing,

Everyone is completely different, and there everyone will have different treatment plans. We are not able to quote Sofwave treatments without a complementary consultation, but we CAN give you an exact cost of treatment when you are here! We also offer financing through Patient Fi, which is a great option for many of our clients, and offers 6-12 month 0% financing. Click here to learn more about Patient Fi!