July 2022 News & Specials

It pays to share your secrets!

In July AND August, when you send a friend our way, you will BOTH get a $50 credit on your account! If you have been keeping your trips to us a secret, it’s now time to spill the beans, sister! Your referral must be treated with us (sorry, consults don’t count!) before August 31st for you to both get the bonus. This is an unlimited offer- send 10 friends our way, get 10 bonuses! 

Christmas… in July!

Ho, ho, ho! Merrrrry Christmas!
It’s that lovely time of year again where we request that you start booking your holiday appointments. We get busy, busy, busy, starting in a few months, and if you are wanting to look fresh at all of the holiday parties, you’ll want to book your appointments now!

We will even make it worth your while… Receive or purchase any Allergan or Galderma product (Botox, Dysport, Filler, Chemical Peels, Skin Media, Alastin… CoolSculpting is excluded) in July, and we will DOUBLE the points you earn in Alle or Aspire for use at the end of the year! The more you do now, the more you’ll save later.

Thread Lifts

We have been working SO hard over the last few months to bring our gorgeous clients a new service that we are SO excited to launch! Introducing: threads lifts

We are going to be offering a few different types- everything from collagen building to lifting! Curious if you’re a good candidate? Give us a call to set up a complimentary consultation!


We now have a solution for clients that love the look of filler, but are wanting a more natural solution…. PRF Gel

PRF Gel involves a simple blood draw, then we use your bodies own PRF to repair and fill! It can be used in most places that fillers is already being used, like the undereye, nasolabial folds, etc.  It’s won’t be for everyone, but it might be a great fit for you!

One treatment is $1,000, and we do have package pricing available. 

Sofwave is here!

We’ve got a phenomenal new service to offer our clients that we are over the moon about!

Sofwave is a revolutionary FDA-cleared device that lifts lax skin in your neck and submental area, as well as improves facial lines and wrinkles!

If you think this is exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call to set up a complimentary consultation! For a limited time, you can save $500 on a full face and neck. Don’t forget to mention this email when you call!

Madison now offering Microblading!

Madison has been working quietly and SO hard behind the scenes to master a new skill: Microblading!

Microblading is a semi-permanent solution to have perfect eyebrows every single day without makeup. It’s perfect for people wanting fuller, bolder, more eyebrows, or even those trying to fill in an empty spot!  If you would like to set up a complementary consultation to see if you’re a good candidate, give us a call!