March 2022 News & Specials

Double Points in Alle

Now through March 31st, when you get treated with Botox and JUVÉDERM Filler in the same appointment, you’ll earn double points in Allē… that’s up to $180 in rewards!

Our books are almost filled up through March, so if you would like to cash in on this offer, give us a call as soon as possible to schedule! If you are not a member of Allē yet, click here to sign up!

Why did the leprechaun leave his pot of gold?

The Hydrafacial Gold was a better long-term investment!

If you’re wanting skin as glowing as a rainbow, here is your chance! Follow our Instagram page for your chance at winning a Hydrafacial Gold later this month. If you’re not feeling lucky, we also have some spots later this month to schedule your own!

Have you met UpNeeq?

Droopy lids making you look sleepy? Meet UpNeeq… the once daily drop that raises droopy lids by treating acquired ptosis! They will leave you looking bright-eyed and youthful the whole day with these prescription drops. They are PERFECT for events with lots of photos, or even just daily use!

Stop by the office today to grab some for yourself! Pair them with Latisse for an ultra glam look!

Sculptra Savings!

If you’re a Sculptra fan, this is the deal for you! In the month of March when you purchase 4 vials of Sculptra, you’ll get a free syringe of a Restylane filler OR a Dysport treatment! That’s a LOT of savings on one of our most requested (and rarely discounted) treatments!

Sculptra works by triggering your body to start building back the collagen it’s lost over the years. It gives an incredibly natural result…because it’s your own collagen! It works great on the face, but works wonders on the body, as well! We use it often to help treat cellulite, hip dips, crepey skin on arms and legs, and SO much more!

Last call for BBL season!

As Spring gets closer, you’re going to want to be outside more and more. If you are wanting to wipe out some of the existing sun damage on your skin, we are nearing the end of BBL season! It works WONDERS on dark spots, but we do have to plan your treatments around your activities in the sun. Give us a call to get on our books as soon as possible if you’re wanting to have spotless skin for the Spring and Summer!

Hair loss does NOT have to be permanent!

Hair loss is becoming a lingering symptom of Covid that we are seeing more and more. If you have this unfortunate side effect happening to you, give us a call. We have a few options on ways we can help, including Nutrafol Supplements, light therapy, and injections

If this is happening to you, know you’re not alone, and we can absolutely help!